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Game Information


This is a House, M.D. RPG, and my aim is to bring together a group of people who adore the show and characters and want to put real effort into the way they write and characterise. You don’t need to be a particularly enlightened writer to do well here; you just need to adore the show. You will write well if you’re dedicated to portraying the character well. If House is your vicodin, you should probably apply.

The game is centered mainly around the characters, rather than medical cases. I made this decision based on the fact that the medical knowledge required is not in general circulation. I’m certainly no doctor. If you do happen to mention some aspect of medicine, I’m sure everyone will appreciate a little research, but this is one aspect that I plan to be lenient on.

Set after Cameron's slept with Chase, but before Foreman becomes seriously ill - that is, between the episodes, "Hunting" and "Euphoria".


(Remember, these are all open to change; just bring it up in the OOC community. I’ve designed a system that I believe will work, but that doesn’t mean it will. I refer to a character as a “character” and a player as a “player”. I’m sorry if it confuses people who use the terms “mun” and “pup”, but I can’t use either of those with a straight face, and I think it will confuse people who are new to RP.)

The form is prose;

The game is not in script format. Posts and replies on vicodin_rpg are to be written in prose; and I request that players avoid commenting or posting with one line of dialogue or action if at all possible. But if that's the only action/comment the character would make, that's perfectly all right.

On that note, if you're making a post, it has to be, "So-and-so went into Cuddy's office..." not "Hey guys, this hospital is whack. Anyone seen House?" as though it's just a comment thrown out into the stratasphere without a when or where or what. Imagine you're writing a story, and someone else is going to continue it.


(House posts:)

House came into Cuddy's office, waving his cane about like a lunatic. "You stole my vicodin!" he said.

(Cuddy posts:)

Cuddy looked up from her work. "For the good of your health," she said.

Or, the form is a letter or note.

Letters and notes can be sent and left in vicodin_rpg. They are assumed to be private unless said in the subject line to be posted somewhere public. Otherwise, the name of the reciever is to be posted in the subject line.


(House posts:)

(subject line: Letter to Foreman)

Hey Foreman,

You're black and it makes me laugh.

Love House

(Foreman posts:)

(subject line: Letter to House)

Hey House,

You'd blind people if you took off your shirt, pasty bastard.

Love Foreman

Another example:

(subject line: Note)

For a good time, call Gregory on 435-2938-3984

Where to post, and tags:

Immediate action, such as “House walked into the cafeteria…” is to be posted on vicodin_rpg. Anyone who could concievably be in the area can come in and start a scene. Scenes started in the community are ones that anyone can join, unless the subject line says otherwise, which is expounded on below. If you’d like to see someone in particular, you can tag them by writing their name in square brackets at the bottom of the post: < small > [Cameron] < / small > (with the spaces removed)is how that’s done. That doesn’t mean that only she can come in, or that she has to come in; that’s just the player’s whim.


(House posts:)

(subject line: Empty)

House walked into the cafeteria. They were selling pies with mould on them. He decided that pills would be his food for the day. For once it was a healthy choice. He sat down in a chair and hummed.

< small > [Anyone], or [Cameron and Foreman] < / small >

Private Arrangements:

If, say, House goes to meet with Cuddy in her office, and it's a private meeting (har, har) he will post the start of the scene in the vicodin_rpg journal, and in the subject line will be “House, Cuddy.” If Wilson, House and Chase are playing a game of poker at someone’s house, the subject line will be, “Wilson, House and Chase”. These private scenes should ideally be planned either in the OOC community, or in discussion in a scene beforehand, but that isn't hard and fast. Feel free to lock with the subject line if the scene is getting to be involved and anyone else would be a disturbance, or if you want to lock in a scene that could concievably happen.


(subject line: Empty)

(Foreman posts:)

Foreman sighed and put a hand to his head. "I'm having your child."

(House posts:)

"Whoa, I had better lock this shit up." (Makes Subject line: House, Foreman)

Another Example:

(subject line: Wilson, House, Chase)

(House posts:)

House started dealing the cards. They had naked women on them. He waited for his chaps to arrive.

Note on scenes:

None of the scenes need to be completely planned from start to finish. As long as strong characterisation directs the scenes, they’ll go in plausible and interesting directions.

Private journals:

Private journals are for characters’ thoughts – thinking about what’s happening and what to do next. Don’t feel obligated to post there; the scenes are usually what matters. But they might give other players an insight on the character's agenda, which they shouldn't actually display knowledge of in their's just for the player's awareness.

See rule eight for the main point on play.

IMPORTANT: The cardinal point I'd like to make concerning writing is to encourage players to avoid expositional prose. "House felt sad and distressed" is not as effective as "House closed his eyes and leaned against the wall". Let's keep that in mind.


(I would like to first note that all these rules are open for discussion in the OOC community. My priorities are everyone’s peace of mind as well as an interesting game.)

One: Pairings, ships, slash, etcetera. I’m going to give a tentative yes to slash at this point, just as long as it is well-supported, character-wise. If two characters get into a relationship within the game, the same rule goes. However, bear in mind that if two characters become firmly “together”, and their posts become centered around having children, an impending marriage, and lots of sex, then the game will become dull quickly. It’s better to keep relationships subtle, layered and tentative for an interesting game.

Two: Spelling and grammar is important. I’m not likely, in fact, to let someone in if they don’t heed this rule; it denotes a lack of effort and passion if someone writes with sloppy spelling and grammar. However, I’ll definitely make exceptions for those with dyslexia or serious problems in this area. In fact, I’m willing to go through and correct all their spelling and grammar myself. Not that it’ll likely come to that.

Three: Characterisation is key. It’s important that all the characters’ actions and comments are based in the canon established by the show. If you bring in a new aspect to your character, such as someone being anorexic, having a drug problem, whatever – make sure it’s carefully backed up and explained. Otherwise people will bust your ass on vicodin_ooc.

Four: Standard RPG rules apply here. No God-modding; you can only write your own character’s actions, speech and thoughts. Please keep characters’ interactions and OOC interactions separate, and don’t get offended if House calls Cameron a silly bitch, or something like that. He doesn’t mean you. If you think he does, take it up on the OOC community.

Five: There is no age minimum for playing. There are also no content taboos. Drugs, sex, alcohol, etcetera, are all allowed. I believe that players should take responsibility for their own actions; I can’t prevent people lying about their ages. If adult content is not for you, then don’t apply. I think that immature people will be warded off by the writing standards needed to apply, anyway.

Six: Please remain active as much as possible. This means that if you know in advance you’re only going to be able to post consistently for two weeks, don’t join. Post a hiatus or notice of leaving on the OOC community if you’re off for a while, or off for good. Don’t just disappear; that’s really bad form.

Seven: Instant messaging play is not encouraged. If you’re really into it, you’re welcome to arrange it with the character(s) of your choice. However, when posting it, you can’t post it in script format, so it’s your responsibility to format it and post it on the RPG community. Say "FINISHED SCENE" in the subject line if people aren't allowed to come in, as though it were an ongoing scene.

Eight: If rules are confusing you, just use the subject line to explain things in your own fashion when you post the start of a scene. As long as you make things clear there, there shouldn't be misunderstandings.


To be sent to

It is important to note that once the main characters are taken, application will be closed for a brief time while the main players get settled. Once that’s done, I’ll open application to original characters. Though if you’d really love to get in, you can apply with detailed information about the character and I may reconsider. I’d like to remain flexible.

EDIT: Oh, pssh. Who am I impressing with my fancypants ways? Apply for an OC if you want.

Another note is that when I do start accepting OC’s, I do not want any relations to the canon characters that were not explicitly mentioned in the canon. Though, as always, you can impress me in the application and be reconsidered.


Your name:
Your personal journal, if you have one:
The character you’d like to apply for:
Your idea and analysis of their character – what you’ve gathered about them from watching the show:
A short passage of prose concerning the character. You may bring other characters in if you wish:


Their name:
Your personal journal, if you have one:
The character’s name, age, and basic appearance:
Their history:
Their character:

It’s obviously best if you apply with someone who’s going to work at the hospital, or be around it very often for some reason. I hope that everyone doesn’t need to apply as a doctor or administrator – let’s get some nurses, some office staff, even a janitor, perhaps.

I haven’t asked many questions; use your own discretion in applying. The more detailed and thoughtful your reply is, the more likely you are to be accepted. But remember I’m out to accept people, not turn them away. If I say no, I strongly encourage you to re-apply.

When you’ve emailed me, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you’re accepted, I’ll ask you to create a journal and join the two communities. Then you can post as soon as you like.
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